Since Access Youth completed its Fair Chance partnership in 2012, we have more than doubled in size, doubled in budget, and doubled the number of youth that we serve. Fair Chance has continued to be there to celebrate those successes along the way.
Jodi Ovca, Executive Director, Access Youth

Every year, Fair chance surveys alumni who have completed a partnership program within the past five years. With a 73% response rate, we can generalize that our alumni are stabilizing, growing, and serving more children, youth, and families.

Additionally, our surveyed alumni:

  • Serve a total of 36,381 youth
  • Primarily serve older youth with the largest age groups represented being 11 – 13 years-old and 14 – 18 years-old
  • List their primary domain of service as Education, with Health & Well-being coming in second
  • Collaborate with over 170 organizations outside the Fair Chance partner network

Learn more about our results by visiting Reports and Success Stories.