What is the Fund?

The Fair Chance Fund is a growing community of philanthropic leaders and families who believe in creating a city
where every child succeeds, regardless of zip code. Individuals pledge to give at least $15,000 per year for three years to quality for membership in the Fair Chance Fund. Participation in the Fund enables us to provide even more of the critical support nonprofits need, so that more children in our area can have a fair chance to succeed.

You can become a part of this exclusive community of donors with an annual gift, starting at $15,000, over three years. This multi-year pledge supports Fair Chance’s investment in over 20 nonprofit organizations annually. Your investment in Fair Chance and “adoption” of a partner will enable you to see the direct, empirical impact on the nonprofit by the end of the engagement with Fair Chance.

Gifts at all levels to fill the gap between what we need to successfully run our programs and what we raise from corporations and foundations.

Membership Benefits
  • “Adoption” of nonprofit partner
  • Fair Chance all weather jacket
  • Special invitations to Fair Chance events
  • Personalized updates from Fair Chance on our work and the impact of our nonprofits
  • Periodic Fair Chance Fund communications
  • Recognition in all Fair Chance materials
  • Opportunities to visit nonprofit partners to see Fair Chance in action
  • Platinum Members only: special VIP reception
Current Fair Chance Fund Members

Mary Pat and Darren Alcus
Milly and Glenn Barnes
Catherine and David Bohigian
Brendan Coleman
Karen and Brendan Herron
Michael Kimsey
Deena Barlev and Robert King
Jane and Esko Korhonen
Carrie and David Marriott
Amanda and Alex Marshall
Catherine Merrill