At the beginning of the partnership, I was clear that College Tribe was a great organization and that we did good work. But now, I can prove it. I can show it. I can demonstrate it.
And that’s not just for funders, but also for our kids.
Peter Clare, Executive Director, College Tribe

Fair Chance’s unique partnership programs help nonprofits take their performance and community impact to the next level!

Our approach to capacity building is proven effective because it is:

  • Relationship-based: Each Executive Director is paired with a Fair Chance Capacity Building Specialist who develops a deep understanding of the organization and its leadership throughout the Partnership
  • Customized: Each pair of Executive Directors and Capacity Building Specialists set specific goals and design a work plan for the course of the Partnership
  • Intensive: Both the Executive Director and the Capacity Building Specialist dedicate 8 hours/week to Partnership work, including weekly meetings. Staff, Board Chairs, and members of the Board of Directors also participate in the Partnership for specific work plan activities

How Our Programs Work

  • Application & Selection: Once a year, we accept applications from potential partners. After reviewing applications and interviewing finalists, we select nonprofit partners who are ready to take their leadership and organizations to the next level.
  • Assessment & Work Plan: Each program starts with an intense assessment process designed for small nonprofits. Then, we develop a work plan based on the partner’s strengths and needs.
  • Partnership Work: Capacity Building Specialists and Executive Directors each devote eight hours/week to partnership work, spending at least two of those hours working together on the work plan.
  • Celebration: We celebrate each partner’s hard work and capacity building accomplishments at the end of the Partnership with the broader Fair Chance community.
  • Alumni Support: We provide on-going training and resources through our network services.

Our Programs

We offer three, free capacity-building programs to fit the various needs of community-based nonprofits at different stages of development (we typically partner with organizations ranging in budget size from $50,000 – $1,000,000). Each program also comes with access to pro-bono legal support, an Executive Director Learning Community, and our e-Forum.

Pathways Partnership:  Promoting Organizational Stability
  • 6-month engagement
  • Focuses on strengthening capacity in two of the following areas: Board Development, Fundraising, Resource Alignment, and/or Program Evaluation
  • Results: Executive Directors gain a thorough understanding of the Partnership focus areas and nonprofits develop create a strong organizational foundation.

Organizations led by people of color (POC) face systemic barriers that prevent them from thriving. [1]  As part of Fair Chance’s commitment to racial equity, priority consideration for the Pathways Partnership is given to organizations led by POC (meaning that either the Executive Director or the Board Chair and a majority of the Board of Directors identify as POC).

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[1] Investing in a diverse democracy: Foundation Giving to Minority-Led Nonprofits by the Greenlining Institute, 2006.

Please Note: Organizations that have completed a Praxis Partnership or Impact Academy Partnership are not eligible for the Pathways Partnership.

Praxis Partnership:  Accelerating sustainability and growth
  • 12-month engagement
  • Focuses on strengthening capacity in four of the following areas: Board Development, Financial Management, Fundraising, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Outreach & Communications, Planning & Strategy, and/or Program Evaluation
  • Results: Partner organizations develop or improve systems that lead to increased revenue and number of participants served.

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Please Note: Organizations that have completed a Praxis Partnership in the past are not eligible to re-apply.

Impact Academy: Enhancing measurement of life-changing outcomes for children
  • 24-month engagement
  • Focuses on Program Design & Outcome Measurement, Organizational Culture & Performance Management, Adaptive Leadership, Strategic Governance, Technology Utilization, and Communicating Impact
  • Results: Programs and systems will be strengthened to achieve progress on life-changing outcomes for youth and nonprofits are better able to measure and communicate their impact using data.

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Please note: At this time, only partners that have completed the Praxis or Pathways Partnerships are eligible to apply for Impact Academy.

Please note, currently Fair Chance only accepts applications from organizations that provide programming to children and families experiencing poverty in Washington, DC and Prince George’s County, MD. For information about other opportunities to work with Fair Chance, please visit our For Foundations & Government Agencies page. 

If you have any questions about our programs, please email